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5 Most Visited Places in Canada by Backpackers

Canada is a great vacation destination. While its nearest neighbor, the United States, has more famous sights and delights to offer, Canada is no slouch either. It has awe-inspiring wilderness, spectacular lakes, and dynamic cities, making it a favorite among backpackers.

So pack your bags, secure your Canadian visa UK and check out these five popular backpacker destinations.

1. Wander Through Legendary Banff

Banff is a legendary place among Canadians and backpacking enthusiasts. It’s probably one of the most beautiful places in the country and is home to the Canadian Rockies.

The area refers to two locations – Banff National Park and the town bearing the same name. The former is where the Rockies are located while the latter is an ideal start-off point for exploring the park. The area has another town – Lake Louis – which boasts of an iconic hotel.

Banff is always bustling with tourists and visitors. A lot of foreigners get a Canada ETA application just for the chance to hit the slopes of the Canadian Rockies. There’s no respite from visitors even during summer as hikers trek to the mountains.

There are other picture-perfect sights in the area, like Moraine Lake. It’s one of Canada’s more recognizable destinations and has graced many postcards and selfies.

2. Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler in British Columbia should be on any backpacker’s itinerary, regardless of the season. Located in the country’s west coast, Whistler is a popular ski resort during winter. Skiers and snowboarders alike descend on this town for the chill mountain air and some of the most excellent snow in North America. The area also has numerous cafes and pubs for when you’ve finally had enough of the slopes. Canadians also love Whistler because of all the available work on offer during the busy skiing season.

Whistler is also a great but quieter place to visit during summer. With the snow gone, hikers can head out into the wilderness or indulge in some mountain biking.

3. Take in the Art Scene in Quebec

If you prefer wandering the streets in search of art and history, then Quebec City is the place for you. Unlike the more vibrant Montreal, the city of Quebec has a more laid-back vibe and historical currency.

Located on cliffs looking out into the Lawrence Seaway, the city is a holdover from the time of Canadian sovereignty. Walk through them, and you’ll see the original stone walls of the colony.

One of Quebec’s main attractions is Old Town, a compact area with several famous sites within walking distance of each other. Make sure you see the Basilica of Saint Anne de Beupre, the Chateau Frontenac,  the Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec, the Plains of Abraham, and the Cote de la Montagne. The city is quite steep in certain places, so your legs will get quite a workout. However, there are bike lanes and public transport if you prefer a more leisurely way of getting around.

4. Chilkoot Trail, Yukon

For the more serious backpackers, traversing the Chilkoot Trail will be one of the best hikes of your life. The trail spans two countries, from Canada’s Yukon to Alaska in the neighboring United States. The diverse landscape is what makes Chilkoot both a challenge and a delight. You have your lush forests, gorgeous mountains, breathtaking lakes, and energetic campsites. While the trail is fun and exciting, it’s also a tough one and not for beginners.

5. Churchill, Manitoba

For those who prefer more remote areas, Churchill in Manitoba is the place to go. This part of the country is flat but full of wildlife and harvests. There are lots of places here where you can bask in your solitude while finding lots of wildlife. If you’re lucky enough, you might even see the majestic Beluga whales, grand moose, and polar bears. After all, Churchill is also known as the polar bear capital of the world. Visit the area during the months of October and December to understand why. Your trip will become even sweeter as you catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Manitoba used to be the edge of Canada’s frontier. You can still see some of the forts that were used as launch points to the West. A visit to the Lower and Upper Fort Garrys will provide you with a look into the country’s colorful past.

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Canada is rich in natural scenery, historical sights, energetic cities, and beautiful people. What’s more, securing an ETA Canada visa is convenient and straightforward. There’s really no reason for you not to visit this beautiful country.