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Landscaping and How It Affects Your Surroundings The basic essence of landscaping is the enhancement on the looks of a land or area through the change of its contours, in the addition of ornamental features, or by planting trees, shrubs and other plants. In order to conduct landscaping, a landscape design has to be conceptualize first. A person who has a desire to create something beautiful and who is able to do some research, can actually conceptualize a landscape design and turn this idea into a reality. If you like to become a landscape designer, your basic traits would be somebody who has an eye to create beauty from an ordinary space or backyard, and should be able to imagine how the plants and fixtures would come into play, how the changes in weather would affect these things , and how the people of the space are using it. With experience, a person trying out to be a landscaper will also grow in knowledge that will have an effect on his or her personal growth and confidence that would be translated to future designs that the person will create.
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Remember that when you take into your hands the creation of your landscape designs, you will take into consideration the space and how you would like it to be visually pleasing, functional and eventually be able to create a landscape that works for you and the people who will enjoy or use it.
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Every project in landscaping is different, and this is because the elements would vary every time that would affect the design, and examples of these elements that you have to consider are the space, the ground level, the site conditions, the soil and the present fixtures on the property that you have to consider working around when finalizing your design. Before you sit down and draw your concept, it is helpful if you have even a rough scaled map of the site, then you can sit and draw your ideas. Your plan may not be as fancy but at least make it easy for you to visualize and implement your ideas. The hardscape or fixed features on the site and plants will come next once you have your basic plan, and remember to have copies of your plan. It is advisable that a landscaper have knowledge of the landscaping principles in order to arrange and organize the landscape, and remember the factors of proportion, order, repetition, and unity of the whole concept. Through learning the elements and principles of landscaping design, you can go down into the basics of writing down your ideas and concepts. It is recommended to those aiming to be landscape designers, that you do not be afraid in applying the thoughts, ideas and other imagination, and together with research, you will take steps in your landscaping experience.