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Humanely Remove Bee Colonies, Call Your Local Bee Removal Business The fact that bees do not necessarily sting unless bothered is something that not all people know of. As social insects, these bees play a huge role in helping plants grow and propagate. If there are bees on your property and they are not bothering anyone, you can just ignore the colony. However, if you have family members who are allergic to bee stings then you need to have these insects removed right away. Because bees are beneficial insects, you have to remove them as humanely as possible. You don’t want to disrupt the entire colony and stress the queen as she might die. Bee removal in Florida can easily be completed with the help of Tampa bee removal companies. These Tampa bee removal companies have their team of beekeepers who will work on relocating the colony without harming the queen. They would start the removal process by transferring the queen bee into a special box. Once the queen bee has been moved, it won’t take long for the rest of the colony to follow. Once everyone has been moved into the box, they will then work on destroying the hive and ensuring that they don’t leave any honey or beeswax trace as it will attract new bees to start another colony.
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There are those companies that make use of extermination as their process of removal. This process involves the use of strong insecticides to exterminate the bees. This practice, however, is strongly discouraged by environmentalists as bees play a pivotal role in pollination. When these bees are gone, fruit trees will have a hard time producing fruits and plants will no longer flower.
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You can trust on the services offered by these Tampa bee removal companies when it comes to the careful removal of these helpful bees. The services offered by these businesses is not only to help your property, but also aims to protect the natural flow of nature. Carefully remove these insects when they start to infest your property and find them another location where they can thrive and be helpful. Never make the mistake of taking care of bee infestation on your own. All the more, if you don’t know what variety of bees are forming a colony in your property. You might be dealing with Africanized bees and this variety can be very hazardous to health. Another name for this variety of insects is killer bees. Not only are these bees aggressive, they are also very difficult to control, especially if you do not have the right equipment to carry out the removal process.