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Wetland Delineation Field Equipment. Water bodies identification is an exercise of determining the water levels in an area and where the water level is high there will need measure the spread of the water body. Wetland delineation is conducted to meet legal requirement restricting occupation of people over water bodies. also some areas have seasonal water bodies meaning during dry seasons there is no visible water in the area. Making it very crucial for real estate investors to have a wetland delineation test conducted to avoid buying into water bodies which will be a loss to their investment. Equipment used in wetland delineation is. The researcher will need to have a wetland map. The purpose of the map is to give a guideline on where to start the exercise.
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In addition to the map, the researcher also will need GPS equipment. The purpose is to assist the researcher to know the area directions. Mud boots. It is necessary to wear shoes that are appropriate for the field exercise. The mud footwear is designed to protect water and mud from coming into contact is the person’s feet.
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Digging equipment such as soil knives and shovels. The process will require digging of several pits in the area to study the underground soil. Cameras with capability of taking pictures in water. Part of the research involves the use of camera to take underground water pictures. The area has water hence the need for a camera with ability to take shots in the water. It is also essential for the camera batteries to be long lasting. Also, other cameras will be essential for taking the physical area photos. This is just an ordinary camera with a good resolution. Pictures for different types of soils. The researchers should acquire soil chart to be used to identify the nature of the area depending on the soil color. The chart has given the soil color of a water body, therefore the task of the researchers is to dig the soil and see if it matches. Tape measures. The next step after identifying the area as a wetland is measuring its size. It entails taking lengths and widths and trying to approximate the total area occupied by the water body. Therefore it is important to carry land measuring equipment. The researchers will come up with the water body boundaries. All field studies requires taking down of notes. Therefore the researchers should carry stationery materials. The stationery will be used to note down the different observations for further study. Wetland delineation is an important exercise and should be performed after a passing of a given period for example every ten years. This is because with the changes in climate some water bodies may cease to exist while others may be created.